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QJM Mobile Notary Service


QJM Mobile Notary Services

"The Mobile Solution For Your Legal Needs"

Legal Document Preparation

Time is of essence when you've been served or needing to remedy to clear confusion. In the legal world can be confusing and frustrating.

Come experience a legal professional and leave the hassle of filling court forms (Judicial Counsel Forms) up to QJM Notary. As a legal professional,

Locally owned and operated in Visalia, CA. Serving Tulare County. 

I am inclined with the knowledge and compassion to deal with clients experiencing unforeseen legal matters.

Being affordable and understanding, QJM Mobile Notary Services is aware that economic hardships occur. Payment Plans are avaliable to qualifed customers. 

 I provide legal document preparation for: 

Family Law

  • Child Custody/Visitation & agreements
  • Divorce/Legal Separation
  • Guardianship
  • Emergency/Restraining Orders
  • Ex-parte
  • Child support modification
  • Name Changes

Civil Law

  • Judgment enforcement
  • Writs
  • Small Claims
  • Civil Harassment
  • Cease & Desist Orders
  • Bill of Sale


  • Living Wills/Trust
  • Powers of Attorneys
  • Letters of Administration
  • Conservatorships
  • Grant Deeds, Quit Claim Deeds, Deeds of Trust
  • Promissory Notes


  • Retraining Order Responses
  • Expungment
  • AB109 conviction modifications

I do not work for an Attorney of Law firm. Any logos or information is not intended to give or convey or represent legal decisions. I cannot give legal advise.

I provide legal document preparation services and cannot choose form

for you. Should you need to seek legal help, please consult the local bar association in your county for legal advice.

LDA Registration # LDA-065 (Tulare)